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5 Basic Ways to Make Money Online

5  Basic Ways to make money online

There are so many money making articles online, while most of them are tagged with Shortcut to make money quickly.
Firstly I will advice you not to go for all this type of posts, because they are full of lies, what the article writer himself know that he cannot achieve in a month, he will be telling you ways to achieve it in few days, which will definitely result to lost of your money, time and your effort on such business.
Base on Digital Marketing system of making money online, there are so many other ways to make money online. but their are 5 Basic Ways to make money online and it covers the Entrepreneurship aspect, Free-Lancer aspect and Side-Hustlers aspect as well.
This article is just another article for you to make real money online, and with the 5 Basic Ways to Earn Real Money, you should be 100% sure of making money online by yourself. Likewise other people, don't expect to turn 100$ to 100, 000$ in few days, don't waste your precious time reading articles related to that you may found on the internet.

5 Basic Ways to Make Real Money Online (for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, & Side-Hustlers)

Some people does not have the entrepreneurial ability to make things work with a few steps they are taught but trust this is not going to some boring article, I will tutor you step by step so it won't mixed up. 

1. Sell Knowledge

Knowledge is a skills you acquired through experience or education, you can easily start tutoring a group of people what you know that only few or nobody else knows. 
It's good to go extra miles while selling your knowledge in other to earn some money, by making your a strategic knowledge selling method. 

You don't know how to sell your knowledge online? 

You can sell your knowledge by writing few lines of what you know, and sharing it on your social media timelines, simply with that, does that are interested in what you are offering will surely come for you, and you will assure them of giving them complete guidelines of that particular knowledge of yours. 
For easy understanding:
Selling your knowledge means coaching people online. 

2. Sell Skills

This is the world widely used method of earning money online, you can sell your skills in return to money, if you can do something that others can't, then you are good to go. 
A very good example of this is creating a website, a company or an individual may decide to own a website, you can easily place advertisements for people to get reach to you and selling your skills can earn you more money compare to selling your knowledge, by selling your skills, you will know so many things, a particular skill can be so volatile that it can take more than a year before you could have its full knowledge. 
Example of skills you can involve in are:-
  • Web Development 
  • Web design 
  • Freelancing 
  • SEO services 
You can surb the internet for more. 

3. Sell Tangible Products

If you have a product that people can buy or are requesting for, it can turn to revenue for you, especially in digital marketing aspects. 
If you want to sell some products, you should be sure of your self and its better you have some partner so that your consumers will trust you and share your products to their friends and family. 
You can also sell products own by a business partner or a company by affiliate, a very good example of this is SEMrush affiliate program. They deals with webmasters tools which after a consumer request for it through your affiliate link, you will be paid a particular  percentage per person. 

4. Sell Attention

You can also earn money by selling your attention, if a particular group of people or high number of people are interested in what you say or your posts on social media, then you can warn more by selling your attention, but how? 

You can help someone to advertise his or her product by writing his or her product name in your posts. 
You can also earn by selling your attention if you are very good in influencing people, you can even be a public influencer, by influencing, people will pay you to draw your attention to them and give them special ideas. 

5. Establish your own business

You can establish your own business if you have some money to start with, money that is use to start a business is called "Capital". 
You can turn your capital into millions in few months, depending on the business you ventured into, and it's will be better if you invest in a business that you already have an idea of, and a business that people will always request for. 
Example of this is by selling Mobile Data online. 

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