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5 Things to consider before creating a website

5 Things to consider before creating a website. 

Amount of money to start with
The domain name you want to use
The Domain extension
The website builder
The website niche

Blogging tips to consider before creating a website.

Creating a new website this days is not as easy as people thought it was, for you to create a perfect 👌 blog for your self, you can hire someone to do that for you, but it is more interesting when you keep your money and learn how to create a website using my tutorials and guidelines to create a professional website, and my articles on 15 Smart Blogging tips for bloggers 2020.
In this article, I will be writing 5 most important things to consider before creating a website, so that your website will be a good source of income for you now or later, depending how serious you take the site.
They are:-

  • Amount of money to start with
  • The domain name you want to use
  • The Domain extension
  • The website builder
  • The website niche

1. Amount of money to start with

Before you could think of anything else, the amount you currently have or the amount that you wanted to use to run your website should be your first target.
This days, with just 100$ you can set up a professional looking website.
If you don't want to stress your self, you can hire our web expert to design a perfect blog for you as low as 100$. A website that is funded very well should also be a money generating or source of income for you.

2. The domain name you want to use

Your new website name should be simple and not more than 20 words.
While you are still thinking the best name that is suitable for the niche you wanted to focus on, you can do some researches, their are many free names, even some domain would have expired that the owner will not be able to buy the domain name again and the owner would have created so many high quality backlinks that will easy get your articles on Google first page, but the risk there is that, Google may have banned the website or Adsense have banned the domain, many newbies strongly believe in Adsense as the only method to earn from a website,Which is capital "NO" there are many websites owners that earn through their affiliate program, it depend on how serious you take it.
But it is Advisable to use your name as your blog name,eg. Abdulbazeet.com.
Using your personal name for your blog really helps,you can choose any niche you wish or care for even after years you can add another niche without having bad effect to the website.

3. The Domain extension

This is the very first place many web beginners make mistake, assuming you are a Nigerian, and you wanted to face Nigeria Entertainment niche, the best domain you should choose .ng or .Com.ng extention. This wil help your website rank higher on social media, especially search engines than your competitors that are using just .com or using another country domain extension(.uk, .co.uk). Am not critizing nor rejecting other country domain extensions or using .com, .net, .co, .blog etc.

4. The website builder

There are many website builders nowadays, some are premium while some will give you free access to your web account panel for the mean time of like 2_4 weeks before they started requesting for money, and their are free websit builder also, in this category Blogspot, by Google still lead the blogspot domain extensin is Website.blogsot. Com
The most interesting part of blogspot.com is that Google give chance to users using .blogspot.com . Thisis one of the reason why blogger is filled up with newbie bloggers.
While using a Website builder, we consider WordPress and Blogger.
There are many builders like Joomla,. Etc.

5. The website niche

A website niche serves as the primary reason for creating a website, there are so much niches that you can write about., but the best niche is that niche that yo can sit down and write something about it yourself and a niche that you enjoy writing on.
Examples of website niches are:
Technology, Health, News, Bloggingtips, affiliate marketing, entertainment, Music, movie, and many more niches are available.

I hope this 5 Things to consider before creating a website
 Is enough for you to take note of before building your site.
You have any question? Drop your comment below.

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