How to Fix Blogger Breadcrumbs in Google Search Console

Fix breadcrumbs issue
How to Fix Breadcrumb issue in your blogger blog. 

Instructions to fix breadcrumbs in Google search console. 

Breadcrumbs issue

As of late in January 2020 Google reports some significant changes which influenced the google positioning and numerous bloggers getting mistakes in google search conse.
On the off chance that you have a blog and you have a message in your google search console about the Breadcrumb issue at that point read this article on the most proficient method to comprehend this breadcrumb issue in google search console.

I am composing this step by step written tutorial for blogspot clients however you can utilize this for some other stages.

The most effective method to fix breadcrumbs issue.
The most effective method to fix breadcrumbs issue.

What is Breadcrumbs Issue?

From April 6, 2020 google declares that it will done supporting information diagram. what is this data-vocabulary? All things considered, you don't have to recognize what it is to fix the issue. You can without much of a stretch unravel this issue as appeared in this article.
 On the off chance that you despite everything need to think about this, at that point you can google it.

Step by step instructions to Fix Breadcrumb issue in Blogger format:

Fixing the information diagram belittled mistake in google search console.

For blogspot users, It is anything but difficult to determine this pursuit console issue. We have to supplant only a couple of words from format. To do this:

(it will require a PC to do this)

1. Login to your Blogger dashboard

2. Select the site for which you are getting the admonition.

3. Click on "Theme" from left hand side menu.

4. Click on "Edit HTML" option next to customize

5. Click inside the HTML Code

6. Press CTRL+F from your keyboard (Which will open search bar)

7. Type "data-vocabulary" in search bar and hit Enter. Presently you will see the information or term

(We simply need to replace the link with
How to Fix Blogger Breadcrumbs in Google Search Console

8. all you have to do is simply cautiously replace the 'http://information' or 'http://information' by the accompanying : '' as appeared in picture underneath
How to Fix Blogger Breadcrumbs

9. That is it! Simply Click on "Save Theme" and you are finished with blogger layout.

10. After that, login to your google search console dashboard and click on the notice and click "Fix Issue"

11. After that, simply click on the "Validate Fix" button. It will begin an approval and you will get a message that approval began.

12. You will get an email that google is approving your fix.

13. When google approve your fix you will get a triumph mail to your gmail.

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