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How to make table in Blogger Post

I will tutor you how to make a table in Blogger Post set up with pictures. Today we make table in blogger post, when we will distribute about any item particular, item audit, some versus content material then we make work area and show the data, anyway blogger doesn't have any characters like that we don't have work area making capacity on it, so here we make/Make Table in Blogger utilizing code.
This article contains how to make table in Blogger both in Desktop and
These are Following Steps:-

Stage 1: Go to Blogger Pages or Posts and snap Edit any post or page.
how to make a table in Blogger

Stage 2:
Now click the HTML catch and glue the code in the text area code areaat that point click update button. Supplant Your Content with Red Content.

Copy the code here 👇
Step 3:
 Now Go to your Blogger Theme and click the Customize button.
How To Make Table In Blogger Post
Step 4:
Here click Advanced and scroll down the option then click Add CSS and paste the CSS code here then click Apply to Blog button.
   Copy the code below.


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