What Is Tatcoin And Understanding How To Earn From It

Tatcoin is a tradable token for the cryptocurrency market.

How much is 1 Tatcoin now?

Tatcoin to dollar

1 TAT to dollar

1 Tatcoin is = $0.03400317

1 Tatcoin = 12 naira
Tatcoin is a utility token focused on simplifying payment processes for goods and services and would be available to every user on the ABiT network.
Tatcoin was created as an ERC20 Token contract and minted on the EOSIO Mainnet with a total supply of 200 million tokens.
During the first days of Bitcoin, those that invested in Bitcoin cryptocurrency and were patient enough to store their Bitcoin are now Bitcoin millionaires. Moreover, you would possibly be wondering how to make money online, this is often a replacement opportunity for you to form money from cryptocurrency.
ABiT network may be a mobile application company in Nigeria creating tech solutions and offering various financial services. ABiT network recently launched tatcoin a cryptocurrency which will be powering the ABiT network ecosystem and services.

The CEO of Tatcoin is Gaius Chibueze. he's an online mogul, land investor and therefore the best selling author of Get Rich Off internet . he's the popularly Bitcoin Chief from Nigeria.

If you missed out on bitcoin, 35% of the Tatcoin supply is available for individuals and VCs at the cost of 7 cents which is equivalent to 25 naira in Nigerian currency. The IEO would be done in one phase with a Tatcoin supply of 90,000,000, while there would be a pre-sale of 20,000,000 Tatcoins and 5% of the total Tatcoins would be sold. You can get the token on Abit Network

Below is a general breakdown;

Token Symbol – TAT

Total Supply – 200,000,000 TAT

IEO Supply – 90,000,000 TAT

Pre-Sale – 20,000,000 TAT

Token Price – $0.07

Soft Cap – 720,000 USD

Hard Cap – 4,220,000 USD

Accepted Currencies : Bitcoin (BTC), USD, Binance Coin (BNB), EOS, Ethereum (ETH), Naira.
Minimum Purchase – 50 Tokens.

What can tatcoin be used for:

 It will be used in purchase and payment of goods and services on any of our solutions or future
 It will be an incentive measure for users and participants contributing to the ABiT network in different ways.
 Tatcoin will be a tradeable token both with the internal and external markets and can be exchanged for profit or any other cryptocurrencies on most exchanges in the world.
The ABiT network under the Umbrella of the parent company, ABiT Mobile Application LTD, has a chain of products powered by the blockchain technology which includes:

 A product designed for cryptocurrency education, trading training, trading signal and peer to peer exchange.
This ABiTrader is a cryptocurrency trading training platform where we will teach you how to trade and also give you trade signals . Once TATcoin is out there every payment for this services will be made using $Tatcoin.
You want to pay for training fee; you can pay using TAT

You want to Subscribe for Trade signals; you can pay using TAT

This will keep the demand for Tatcoin high and that means it will remain valuable

ABiTCrowd: A Real Estate crowd-funding platform that provides you the opportunity to co-own a real estate property for a period of time and earn dividends on the property for that period. Check @ ABiTCrowd.com

ABiTReps - Designed to empower everyone who shares about ABiT products and services to their friends, family and network, and earn monthly incentives.

How to buy Tatcoin
  • Go to Abitnetwork website/app and click on register.

  • After registering, then proceed and click on buy tatcoin tab. 

  • You can buy using Bitcoin, BNB, Naira mastercard or Using an Agent.

  • You get 3% bonus using agent to shop for .

  • You also get 3% bonus using Bitcoin.

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