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COVID-19: Top 5 Business Ideas To Invest Into In Nigeria

Best Businesses to do from home even if your Income has been affected by the lockdown.
COVID-19: Top 5 Business Ideas To Invest Into In Nigeria
The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected alot of people while some lost their beloved once to this deadly disease. Alot of people have lost their job and were unable to live the good life that they wish to live in this year of 2020, this really affect the Nigerian citizens especially those working as their own boss, many under 30 years old people are mostly affected by the lockdown despite the fact that we have a very high number of people living in Nigeria.
If you are one of this people, you may be looking for ways to make ends meet. We've put together the best businesses you can easily start and make good amounts of money from before the end of the world current situation and some extra tips to go about it.

1. Make Money by Answering Survey Questions

This is the number one means for you to earn some extra bucks. Survey Websites doesn't require any investment of money, it only request for your Mobile Phone or Laptop for you to start making money from a survey website. It is just by answering survey questions online and by referring your friends and family to the website using your referral link or code. Some survey sites pay their users with points (1.5) which will later be converted to your country currency at the stage of cashout while some pay their users with Dollars and Gift cards which can be sell online and the money will be easily withdraw to users PayPal or direct bank accounts. A very good example of this is MOBROG Survey

2. Learn and Invest in Online Trading

Online trading is another way to make some bucks and it requires a lot of concentration because you will have to invest with your hard earn money for you to make profit by trading. You can trade online with some online applications or otherwise using websites link, a good example is joining Forex Trading.

Forex or Foreign exchange market well known by its abbreviation FX serves as one the best online trading service that is scam free. Forex trading is a very broad course on its on base on education which takes months for some people, while some, a couple of weeks before they started their own investment.

What is Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) ? 

Foreign exchange market, or Forex (FX) is a devolved market place that facilitates the buying and selling of different currencies. This takes place over the counter (OTC) via the interbank market instead of on a centralized exchange.

Without knowing it, you have probably already participated in the foreign exchange market by ordering imported shoes, or more obviously, buying foreign currency when on vacation.
You can learn Forex at a lower price from our Fx Expert by reaching us through Mail or Whatsapp.

3. Start a blog or Website

Creating a blog that makes money definitely isn’t a short-term fix, but it could provide income over the long-term if you’re dedicated and willing to find out how digital marketing works.
Most websites and blogs earn hundreds if not thousands through affiliate marketing, advertising, and brand partnerships. Now that everyone is reception during lockdown, many websites are seeing a boom in traffic and it might be an honest time to create an audience.
Most successful blogs either get the bulk of their traffic through organic search (via a process called SEO) or via social media by building a top quality following. If you’re unsure where to start out , we've a piece of writing on the way to create an internet site.
Digital marketing1

4. Digital Marketing

Marketing may be a sort of persuasive communication to urge buyers to use your product. Digital marketing simply means marketing online therefore having numerous subcategories people can venture into; program Optimization (SEO).

SEO has got to do with making your company website rank on Google’s first page above other company’s website. It helps in digital marketing when your customers are trying to find you product and that they search through google, your website are going to be among the primary companies that the customer will undergo their site.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
SEM is analogous to SEO in terms of ranking but this point google are going to be paid to advertise your website in its first page.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing has got to with creating contents for the targeted audience for the aim of selling. 
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
This has got to do with utilising social media for the aim of selling your products online.
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing involves selling another company’s product for a percentage agreed on.
Email Marketing Business
Email marketing is  the use of electronic message to speak together with your customers for the aim of selling.
Having one or two or all of those skills can secure a business for you online.
This is because most are trying to find how to market their businesses to extend sales. A bit like offline businesses need marketers who walk under the sun everyday to advertise their products.

5. Copywriting

Every Content in any website either small or large are going to be written by someone. Blog posts, white papers, articles, how-tos, advertisements, guides, and other features require someone with native-level English writing abilities and impeccable grammar and spelling. If you can handle that, a career as a writer may go for you.

Copywriting is another high-margin business, because it requires only a computer and your brain to start out up and thrive. like all business, you will have to deliver a top quality product and generate a gentle stream of sales to earn an honest income. But if you'll do this consistently, you'll run an ingenious business with only one employee or alittle team.

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