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RED FLAG! Two United Kingdom Website that Scam Millions Of Users

United Kingdom scam
Online unjustifiably claiming increase day by day either by social media or a website.
We will be talking about two websites from the same scammer that are used to drain millions of people of their hard-earned money. The two websites are both from the United Kingdom and the domain extensions used for this two domain was dot uk.
This article also serve as a measure to prevent people being scam by other upcoming websites meant for frauding and Review Website should be careful of their articles and their findings before they write any other review concerning an income websites.
The two red flagged websites that we will be talking about are:-

1. Advertpay.Uk

Advertpay is the first of the two websites that was created to scam using by paying its users a particular amount in Bitcoin after they've paid the subscription fee from $10 upward. Check the image below to see the high amount of subscription fee this scammers are earning from people. 
Advertpay scam website
© Image of Advertpay Subscriptions

Red flag
© Image of Advertpay Subscriptions
Unfortunately for its users as they cannot predict when it will close up until d site shutdown with their money. Stay away from Advertpay or any other relating income websites, they are too dangerous to invest in. 
The domain name Advertpay.Uk was bought on the third day of November 2019 and was shutdown before May 2019.

2. Jumblebox.uk

Jumblebox serves as the second in this list and also the worst of the two, Just like Advertpay, Subscription fee are paid through Bitcoin. 
The domain was bought on the Tenth Day of Aprl 2020 and was shutdown after it reaches millions of subscribers around May 19 to May 20 and the domain was redirected to Google Homepage. Jumblebox stop paying users after 15 - 20 days of its creation and despite that, users still keep increasing which show that some people despite the fact they they've known that Jumblebox is no more paying, they keep referring people and enriching the pocket of the scammer, without even collecting their own subscription fee which they paid. Some users blame Scam review websites of the wrong while some are unfortunate for the bad luck. After few days  after jumblebox close down, we gat to know that the Bitcoin that are paid to some that get half/ almost their subscription fee which was paid in btc was useless and unable to send, this is a complete prove that this United Kingdom base scamming website was expertly program by a professional scammer.
Image of some subscribers of jumblebox
Always be careful before joining any Income website. 
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