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How to Use Google Keyword Planner (Beginners Guide)

Google Keyword research
Do you want more traffic to your website from Google Search Engines? You already on the right path of achieving that.
Google Keyword Planner (Google Keyword Tool) is a Free keyword research tool for bloggers especially SEO specialist.
since Google removed the power to ascertain exact monthly search volumes. Now they only show a vague range.
Google Keyword Planner research

You can get these back, but you've got to run an AdWords campaign. This costs money.

But don’t let this put you off. Google Keyword Planner is a powerful tool, and has some clear benefits. Not least, the very fact that it suggests keyword ideas that you simply can’t find anywhere else. during this post, I’ll show you ways to urge some serious SEO value from Google Keyword Planner. Who knows? There may even be a few hacks for reviving exact search volumes for free of charge . Let’s start with the fundamentals . the way to Gain Access to Google Keyword Planner (for Free)
Google Keyword Planner is 100% liberal to use. you would like not spend a penny on AdWords ads to realize access. you only need a Google account.
But here’s what sometimes happens once you attempt to access the tool:
Google Keyword Planner2

You’re asked to line up an AdWords campaign.

Google is so aggressive with this, in fact, that it can appear as if there’s no thanks to access the tool without first delivering some cash. Well, I even have good news:

You CAN access the tool WITHOUT running an AdWords ad. you only need to jump through a couple of hoops.

To start, go here. Click “Go to Keyword Planner.”
Google Keyword Planner

Now here’s the important part:

When you see the “What’s your main advertising goal” screen, don’t choose any of the three options. Hit the tiny “Experienced with Google Ads?” link below instead.
Google Keyword Planner11

On subsequent screen, hit the “Create an account without a campaign” link. (It’s another small one.)
Google Keyword Planner sign up

Hit the “Submit” button on subsequent page. (Don’t worry; Google won’t invite mastercard details.)
Google ads billing information

You should then see this screen:
Google ads account

Hit the “Explore your account” link.

Next, click the “Tools” link on the menu bar and hit “Switch to expert mode.”
Switch to expert mode

Follow the prompt to verify the switch.

Finally, hit the “Tools” link on the menu again, and you ought to see a link to the Keyword Planner.
Google Keyword Planner button

You now have access! No got to enter billing info or run an AdWords ad.

Now let’s find out how to use it.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner gives you two options to urge started, which are:

  1. Find keywords: Get keyword ideas which will assist you reach people curious about your product or service;
  2. Get search volume and forecasts: See search volume and other historical metrics for your keywords, also as forecasts for a way they could perform within the future.

Both options take you to the Keyword Plan, but what you see will vary slightly counting on your choice. These aren't two separate standalone tools.
Let’s explore each start line in additional detail.

Find keywords
Do you want to get new keyword ideas? Start here.

As per Google’s instructions, just “Enter words, phrases, or a URL associated with your business.” Google will then sit back some keyword suggestions.

Here are the suggestions for “SEO”:
SEO keyword research volume

There are 1,106 keyword ideas in total.

For each suggestion, you’ll see:

  • Avg. monthly searches;
  • Competition;
  • Top of page bid (low range);
  • Top of page bid (high range)
But you’re not limited to single words; phrases also work. And you'll enter up to 10 seed keywords/phrases at a time.
Keyword Planner

There’s also the choice to use a URL or website because the seed.
Seed url or keyword

Here’s another trick: you'll enter up to 10 seed keywords and a URL at an equivalent time.
But whatever you are doing , Google will never show quite a couple of thousand keyword suggestions.

Even once I entered a maximum of ten seed keywords and a URL, I still only got 4,715 suggestions.
Keywords suggestion

This is pretty poor in comparison to other keyword research tools.

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