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How To Add Audio File To Blogger Post

Add audio file to blogger
Do you want to add audio file to blogger posts?
I've seen many bloggers lay complain on how to add music player to their blogger post, I've also seen many on different forum & groups on facebook asking this same question. Today i'm going to show you the best simplest way to upload audio file to blogger posts.

First Method
1. Creating Google Site for Hosting Audio File
First of all, you would like to upload your audio file on external hosts as you it doesn't allow you to upload audio or video files. Therefore, you would like to use external host to upload which i am using the foremost credible source and that is Google Site.

  • Firstly, attend Google Sites using this Link and check in using your Gmail ID and password. 
  • Now, you would like to click on Create button from top-left corner.


  • After that, you would like to offer title to your site and choose a template for it. you'll select any template and provides any name as we are only using it to host the audio file that’s all. i'm using Audio File name as file name and Blank as template. 
  • Ones you've got given the name, it'll auto generate the URL of your Google site; you'll also change it by clicking thereon and make it different from title. Now scroll down and check-mark the box, I’m not a Robot. 
  • Now, that you're through with fixing this stuff select Create button from top.
  • Now your site are going to be ready. However, you can't add any audio or other file on to the location . Therefore, you would like to make a file on your site to start out uploading files thereon. 
  • Now, give title thereto new page. Then you from “select a template to use” select file , and lastly select Create button from top.

2: Uploading Audio File on Google Site

  • Now, you would like to get on an equivalent page and click on on Add Files button then browse your audio file which you would like to upload.
  • Then it'll start uploading your audio file which can take some minutes of yours to urge completed. you'll repeat this process to upload other audio files too but remember that limit must not exceed from 100 MB and one file of 25 MB. 
  • After that, you would like to form it accessible for your readers and for that you simply got to Click on Home button from side bar then select gear icon from top.
    Then you’ll see different options out of which you would like to pick Sharing and Permission.
  • Now, check if the permission is granted to Public then it's ok, if not then Click on Change button under Who has access.
  • Then select On-Public on the online and click on on Save button.
  • Now, you would like to urge the entire URL of audio file which you've got uploaded and for that select the audio file right click on download button, then select Copy Link Location or Copy link Address.

3. Adding Audio Files in Blogger

  • Go to Blogger, create a replacement post there for your Audio file. 
  • Now, move towards the HTML section in post editor and Copy/Paste the subsequent code there. 

<audio >
< src="Your-Copied-Google-Site-URL-Here" />
If you can't see the audio controls, your browser doesn't support the audio element

Then replace this Your-Copied-Google-Site-URL-Here with the link of audio file you copied within the earlier step. Publish your post and you're done.

Second Method
Adding Audio To Blogger By Using Direct Mp3 Link(.mp3)
This is the easiest and the fastest way to add audio to blogger post. It is simply when you copy the .mp3 url tag of an audio file and coding it using html in your blogger post. A very good example is adding an Mp3 url from fulloadedng.com.
Audio file title :- AKA ft Kairo – Daddy Issues II
.Mp3 Download Link :- http://file.fulloadedng.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/AKA_Fulloadedngcom_-_Daddy_Issues_II_ft_Kairo_FulloadedNg.com.mp3
Now let put it in html :
href="http://file.fulloadedng.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/AKA_Fulloadedngcom_-_Daddy_Issues_II_ft_Kairo_FulloadedNg.com.mp3"> AKA ft Kairo – Daddy Issues II Mp3 Download</a>
You can copy it from the text area below. 

After you've copy the .mp3 audio link, and pasted it in an html format has shown at the top, this will be the result :

AKA ft Kairo – Daddy Issues II Mp3 Download
Just like it is in most WordPress website.
If that's not clear to you, it's okay, here is another method to add audio file to blogger post using Mp3 link.

  • Click on Add New Post
  • Write your Post title and article
  • Click on "Link" to add .mp3 link
  • Paste the link in the second box
  • Write the .mp3 audio file name in first box
  • Press the Okay Button 
  • Save Post & Publish
  • Done
Third Method
Adding Audio File Using Mediafire

Here goes the third method and also the best step you may have preferred because it allow you to upload your audio file directly into your Mediafire account.
Sign Up for Media fire or Download Mediafire Android App.
After you've created an account, you will be given privilege to upload your audio files to Mediafire, and after each file has been successfully uploaded, you will been given download link to the file, this download link is what you will use in your blogger post as your audio url, just as explained in the first method.

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