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How to Increase Your Ranking Using A Black Hat SEO In A White Hat Method

Black hat seo

SEO has  been a great feature for bloggers to increase their revenue by increasing their traffic.

In  the recent years before Google turns to be most bloggers source of traffic and likewise income, there is no knowledge of search engine optimization and every  blogger that wants to earn from his or her blog back then are using their website to advertise business and skills. In this new Era of blogging, more opportunities have been added and SEO serves as one of this great benefit added for bloggers website perfection.

What is SEO? 

SEO is use to increase a website ranking on search engines so as to increase the admin revenue and also increase in the website popularity. SEO brings about different strategies to increase your website ranking and this bring in White Hat and Black Hat Backlinks building techniques. They are two different ways to increase your ranking base on backlinks building skills. 

 What is a Backlink? 

 Backlinks are simply the redirecting websites linking to your website domain name or page. It is built in order to increase a website live presence, a good example of Backlink building is when Micheal an entertainment blogger read an article from Abubakar entertainment news website and desided to share the article to his website users by using an hyper textmark language to tag Abubakar post link in one of his blog articles relating to the one he read in Abubakar's blog.

What is White Hat SEO?

It is a pure, long-term, gradual method of creating visibility and live appearance for a website in order to increase the domain traffic either through search engines or social signals, Getting engagements from different means that follows the rules and regulations of search engines and social networks. 

What is Black Hat SEO? 

It is an SEO technique that is disapproved by search engines as a means of ranking and increasing a website visibility, it could lead to the website been banned from search engines. An example of black hat backlinks building is Private Blog Network (PBN) and Auto Link Builder. 
Auto Link Builders are websites that provide free service of backlinks building where you will be able to place your website link and within a very short time, it will reflect in your website, this method are risky and unhealthy whereby if search
 engines find out the trick the domain owner is using, they can block the domain from being visible in search engines and this may lead to the end of such website especially if the website source of traffic is search engines. 

Differences Between White Hat & Black Hat SEO. 

There are lots of techniques that can be use in black hat which can not be used in white hat, the difference of both SEO techniques are as follows. 

White Hat Backlinks Building Techniques

It takes a lot of time before the results will unveil. 
It has positive assurance of search engines ranking. 
It is the chosen method by all search engines.
It contains of spam free backlinks.
It gives positive results on SERP.
it gives keywords keywords everlasting stability in search ranks.
It contains of robot free traffic.

Black Hat Backlinks Building Techniques

It is a fast and easy way to rank your website.
It makes possible what White Hat can't do in a month in few days.
It gives short time search engines traffic
It is not purely built links and makes it harder for spam score to decrease.
It gives less stability to keywords.

How to Increase Your Website Ranking With Black Hat SEO In A White Hat Method.

Link Building

Link building is same as building backlinks in order to increase your website ranking.
Link Building Strategies consist of.... 
1. Comment Backlinks

This type of link building is performed in the comment box of any domain link or any post from an outsider website, it can be done by adding your website link in an html or bbcode, depending on the type of programming language that is allowed in the comment box, meanwhile some websites won't add any programming language, in such situation, just add your domain link just as it is on search engines to the comment box and wait for some hours or days for it to be indexed by search engines. Comment Backlinks are good but can also hurt your domain if the website you are trying to link to is having a high spam score or it has been banned from some search engines. It is advisable for you to do some research on any any link you wanted to build before building them. 
2. Related Post Backlinks (In-Post) 

Inside articles backlinks building method is one of the most commonly use technique to increase page authority of a website, it can be done by adding a related article plugin in WordPress and it can be done naturally by putting a page or article link in another relevant post related to the one linked to it. This method has been used and proven by many bloggers and the maximum number of linked articles should not be more than 5 to avoid the article been penalized.
3. Footer Credits Backlinks 

This can be found at the last line in a website whereby the copyright will be mentioned along with the website link, it has been proven to be the most most powerful link building technique and hardest to get because only a website link should be seen by search engines in the website footer and no blogger will remove his own website link from his footer and put yours except if an agreement is created maybe due to a fee you paid such person, it's simply buying powerful backlinks and instead of you to pay fiveer and other expert serving rendering websites, pay web owners to change their footer link to your website link, it won't cost much because most bloggers don't know how powerful it is, Themes and Templates websites are the ones getting this type of backlinks for free and that's the main reason why if you edit some blogger templates footer Credits to yours, it will automatically redirect your website to the themes author site, and they are always dofollow. 
4. Profile Backlinks 

They can be created when you put your website link in an open box in a particular login panel either as a member or admin, they are also powerful and very fast in increasing the domain authority of a website. They are mostly spam free and hard to Index except if you force index the link and that can take days before been index by search engines and may probably take months before you could see the results of your hardwork. 
5. Redirecting Backlinks

They are links that are redirected to your domain homepage or a particular page, this type of link building strategy is usually done when you have a domain name with with domain authority or high traffic, you can simply redirect such link to your new website link and there are some redirecting links also that you can get for free but can only be gotten from an SEO expert or backlinks builders that get paid for service. This is one of the services rendered by guidesng, contact admin for more information. 

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