SEMrush Affiliate Program Review :40% Commission!


Semrush Affiliate Program Review

Did you want to earn 40% off products through affiliate marketing? If yes, this article serves you the best you need.

The article is all about you need to know about Semrush affiliate program (Berush) and an easy strategy for you to earn forty percent on each individual or company you refer base on the plan bought by the individual or company.

Notice: In this article you may found semrush affiliate links for you to join

With 10/10% Rating, SEMrush has serves as a source of income and the best SEM & SEO tool for individuals and companies, you can also be a part of this people that are making thousands of dollars through SEMrush affiliate program. 

History In Page

Year Founded

SEMrush has been in existence since 2008 with the target and mission to become the best SEM & SEO Tools, and has been serving its users with a 9/10 uptime and 10/10 support to individuals and companies.


SEMrush was founded by Dmitri Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev

What is SEMrush? 

SEMrush is an all-in-one Toolkits designed to provide digital marketing and online businesses success and failure rates in a large format of competitive data to manage and derive the best information for a successful business. It guides all aspects of internet businesses by providing SEM and SEO services to large, medium and the smaller seized companies to increase and maintain their websites rank. 

SEMrush is mainly for internet users, so if you are the type that does not really mkae good use of the internet, I bet you are lacking behind, the internet has turn to an online market and millions of businesses are being run online by uncountable number of people all over the globe, you can also join by starting with the SEMrush Affiliate Program.


Since 2008 till date, SEMrush has been engaged with over 5,000,000 users and this makes it the best Digital Marketing Tools for years. This tools are compromised by different categories where you will see a list of tools you can promote to your audience so as to earn cash from SEMrush Affiliate Program. 

What to look at? 

SEMrush 7 Days Free Trial

Targeting Audience? 

SEMrush affiliate program provides you with more than 30 ads banner and links in different languages you may decide to choose and a set of features categories that are meant for the type of the audience you are targeting. 

  • Advertising Categories
  • Content marketing Toolkits
  • Digital marketing Toolkits
  • Free Course to Study 
  • Free Software Widget
  • All banner ads sizes 
  • Free referral link

SEMrush is for serious individuals and businesses and takes their online presence seriously as a source of generating more income for the business. 

SEMrush Plans & Commissions 

Here is the most interesting part of it all, making money with SEMrush, isn't that cool? Let's look at the plan pricing and how you will be getting 40% Commission as have said before.

SEMrush offer 3 costless prices you can afford for your business growth.

1. Pro ($99.5 monthly)

This is the lowest plan price available for individuals, this plan is mostly use by brands under 1 to 5 workers, to build there website and be able to afford the business plan later. This plan provides you with your competitors traffic sources, social engagements with links, ranking keywords, backlinks (follow & no-follow), Content capability and many more useful tools. If you are a beginner, freelancer, Content writer or promoter, the Pro Plan is what you need to overcome your competitors in serach ranking, content quality and engagements. 

As a SEMrush Affiliate marketer, you will be given 40% recurring commissions of $39.98 for every individual that you refer which make a payment of $99 to SEMrush, that's a great start, now imagine if you are able to refer up to 200 people, $7960 will be yours every month, isn't that cool for a start. 

Referring up to 200 people monthly may be one of the most hardest things you've ever done, but if you can start right now and build your list, a juicy result will surely be the end. And earnings may increase and drop in any time, base on your consistency, but if you can gear up yourself and put in effort an Indian 16 years old boy that makes thousands from affiliate marketing at the age of 15, you will surely make more than you ever thought.

2. Guru (199.95 monthly) 

With more additional features, the SEMrush Guru Plan Offers Branded reports, Historical Data, Content Marketing Toolkits, and the Extended limits. This plan is perfect for a brand, for a better growth and to make possible the brand future plans. For a service rendering brand, this plan best fits your needs for a successful outcomes.

As a SEMrush affiliate marketer, all you need is to get the banner, links or widget related to the Guru account in other to start earning 40% Commission per referral.

3. Business ($399.95 monthly)

This is the extended service provider plan which provides you with all tools you need to run up your Business more than your competitors, it is mostly use by agencies and businesses for a proper and professional touches to the business. With an additional functions of API access, White-label reports, Google Data Studio Integration and Extended limits and sharing options, the business plan is the most expensive and also the best out of all the three plans, so if you want a better solution to your business, SEMrush business plan will handle your problems all at a times and makes the solution available within a blink of an eye.

As a SEMrush Affiliate marketer, always try to meet up with businesses in need of the SEMrush Business Plan to earn more and get additional money higher than that of the two other plans.

You can also save 16% off by making use of SEMrush annual billing, while 7 days free trial are available in the Guru and Pro Plan.


How To Join SEMrush Affiliate Program

1. SEMrush Affiliate Program also known as Berush is available for free to all affiliate marketers willing to earn high profits of 40% Commission, with less than 5 minutes approval process, it serves as the best affiliate program likewise some other affiliate programs that will take days and months some times before getting reply and it may later end in disapproval, SEMrush mail box is always on for work, with less than 5 minutes reply times range, SEMrush reply faster than your girlfriend so why won't you enjoy this great offer.

Click or copy and paste the link in your browser to kick start the process.

After you've join the program, you will be asked to fill some empty spaces where you will input your email, new password and link to your resource.

2. Promotions

After you've verified your publisher account, go to the materials page where you will see alot of banner ads, links and widget you can place in your website in order to earn money.

3. Start Making Money

After you've done all necessary things, you will be getting paid 40% Commission every month for every person you refer to the SEMrush Premium Plans.

Threshold & Cashout

A minimum of $50 can be transferred through PayPal while you will need to chill and lets your earning reach $1000 to use wireless transfer.

SEMrush Contests

This is a competition any participant can win by winning the best chosen by SEMrush base on a rule on how the competition will be made.

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