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SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkits - Is It Worth It?

 Semrush Content Marketing Toolkits has been the best available to measure up your website along side with your competitors website. With more than one purpose, in this article you will get every pieces you need to increase your website ranking by using the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkits. 

All SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkits are only available to a subscriber of SEMrush, so you will need to pay a sum of money before you could have access to this Toolkits, to do that, click the banner below. 

SEMrush With no much Ado, let's go straight to the point by checking out the tools under this category. 
Topic Research Tool

 Topic Research Tool 

The SEMrush Topic Research Tool is use to inspect your competitors ranking keywords, it gives different topics idea base on your rivals recent targeted and ranking keywords. It makes it easier for bloggers to find the solution to why there competitors are having more search engagement than they do, it provide the best keywords for you to choose with red color indication and show the fairly good ones also in blue color. This sector has a domain box where you can input your competitors website link and surf all the keywords favoring your competitors website, it's more like a magic when the tool shows you every keyword your competitors are using to increase their revenue,but it's nothing but the great feature of the SEMrush premium content marketing toolkit. You can also change the country in the menu tab beside the open box, that's only important if you wanted to target a particular country traffic. 
Topic Research Tool

 How To Use Topic Research Tool
  •  Enter a keyword or topic you wanted to write on Receive numbers of valuable relevant and related topics.  
  • Choose the best that will work for your headlines. 
  • Write a tempting article for the topic and receive tons of search traffics
    Content Audit Tool

 Content Audit Tool

Have you ever wondered why some of your articles are dropping from the top pages of search engines? The feelings of seeing your competitors ranking at the top of your site which is not meant to be! That is where the SEMrush Content Audit Tool is required, some bloggers think using just plagiarism checker to know how quality your content is enough to make your search appearance increase, which is capital "NO". Don't get mislead by some advert you may see for the plagiarism checker, it is only to check if there is any wrong words, like in English you wanted to write "Content Marketing" and you end up writing "Cotent Maketin" in this hype of situation, the plagiarism tool will help you, but what of SEMrush Audit tool? Just like its name "Audit", this tool provides to you every information about your website well being, you will see the errors your website is facing, maybe your write up needs a little gear up to get to the top search engines pages, all the backlinks your website is having, both follow and no-follow backlinks, it also shows links spam scores, your website domain authority, page authority, the spammy links you will need to disavow, your Google analytics updates, your website Sitemap with all your articles links. It runs test fixed by the you so as to make sure your website is in good condition. It also shows the social engagement of your website with accurate number of users interested in your website through your social handles links. SEMrush Audit Tool is still the best Audit tool you would ever imagine using for your business website, you can join by clicking here. 
Content Audit Tool

 How to Use Content Audit Tool
  •  Choose pages of your website you want to audit by adding the Sitemap links of the page. 
  •  Insight the pages that are lacking behind and follow the instructions given in the tool box to fix the problem
  • Connect your Google Analytics to your SEMrush Guru or Business Plan account so as to get accurate data about the pages you've added.
 Now you've gotten all the information you need about the SEMrush Content Audit Tool, You can start using it by joining the SEMrush Free Trial.
Post Tracking Toolkit

Post Tracking Tool

SEMrush post tracking tool is a member of the Content Marketing tool, it deals with on-page SEO, whereby the contents of your website are monitored by a tracker which shows the disinfecting part of the article. This tools is mostly use to analyze the competitors articles that are ranking than yours by copy and paste the link in the open box. It shows your competitors keywords, backlinks and social shares, you can see the links to build for your article to outrank your competitors and also measure up your articles and targeted keywords to that of your competitors that can only be seen with a Guru or Business Plan. Start inspecting your competitors articles to rank higher than them from now by joining SEMrush Pro Plan. 
Post Tracking Tool

How To Use Post Tracking Tool
  • Copy and paste the article link you want to inspect. 
  • Scroll down to see the necessary information you need. 
  • Compare your competitors article with yours and fix the necessary issues your article is facing. 
    Brand Monitoring Tool

Brand Monitoring Tool

Just like its name "Brand", the monitoring software is use by brands and for you to use this tool, you will need to activate the SEMrush Business Plan. This software is use to measure, analyze and track your brand performance so as to achieve a successful outcome for your brand growth.
Brand Monitoring Toolkit

How To Use Brand Monitoring Tool
  • Set up a list wizard showing specific brands keywords. 
  • Choose the most important out of them 
  • Analyze your final results and work it up for your brand and gain more customers. 

SEO Content Template

This software is designed for you write an easy well written SEO-Friendly content by giving you ideas on what your competitors are writing to rank higher to your website, it optimize competitors search keywords and articles to provide you with an outstanding content which will be able to keep your website on track better than your competitors. Isn't that interesting?
Use the SEMrush Free Trial for start and measure up your traffic and engagements.

How To Use SEO Content Template
  • Enter the Keywords you want to target with your article
  • List of Google top 10 pages ranking keywords will be shown
  • You will get the needed guide to write your well-crafted SEO Content.

SEO Writing Assistant

After you've finished writing your SEO Content, SEMrush writing assistant will support your article by checking weather your content texts follow the best SEO strategy recommended by SEMrush. You can get add-on for both Google and WordPress, so it will be easier for you to use.

How To Use SEO Writing Assistant
  • Navigate to the Google Docs add-on store and install "SEMrush add-on" by clicking the "+ Free button".
  • Turn on the add-on in Google Docs anytime you want to use it.
  • Check your Content SEO Friendly quality base on your targeted keywords at the same time you are writing the article. 


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