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40% written blogging tips to create a blog & live your passion; the other 60% include digital marketing, Content marketing, Howto and others.
Basic & advanced Blogspot, WordPress , and Social media marketing guidelines.
Digital marketing tips for bloggers, individuals, freelancers & businesses.
Guides is appropriate for everyone with any kind of blog or website and people who doesn't have a blog.
Complete “How-To” of Blogging, Digital Marketing, Online Money making and Content Marketing to increase your income , sales & b
rand value.

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A young unique and creative blogger. I write articles and design websites for people for a living. I also offer other services & tutorials and many others. 

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Guides.com.ng is Abdul Bazeet Initiative. It was created in early 2020. It serves as a guidelines giver to its users.

The young Web blogger has since many years ago contributed to the growth and development of the Internet and choose the blogging way.
Feel free to surf around the site to get anything you want.

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We hope to become the World's Top Spot when it comes to Blogging Guidelines, Digital Marketing Guidelines, Content Marketing, Blogging solutions, Tutorials, Reviews, HOW TOs, and more other stuff we offer.

Invite your friends, families here as we have alot to offer! .

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